Friday, January 2, 2015

Okay, I spoke too soon

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that it rarely got very cold here - mostly 50ish. And then the last week or so, I had to eat those words. We've had freeze warnings for the last week, with temps in the mid 30s to lower 40s every night. This morning, it was still 32 degrees F at 9 am. And it moved all the way up to 37 by 11:30 am.

So, I guess the weather is changing a bit, out here. Maybe wool sweaters do have a place in SoCal. Since my apartment has no heat (badly placed wall heater, multiple open rooms), I'm sitting here wearing two wool sweaters, jeans, socks, and wrapped in a throw, and I'm still a bit cold. Now, I know all those Mid Westerners and East Coast folks are laughing at that, calling the freezing point of water cold, but cold is truly relative. 

So, I haven't finished the sweater yet, but I've made a couple of cowls, started work on some fingerless mitts, and signed up for a class on socks using the Magic Loop. I think I know how to Magic Loop, but I want to see it in person, first, not just on YouTube. I also stocked up on some socks books, and a mitts book, too.

I never thought much about "accessories" in knitting, but this cold snap has made me rethink that. I may even knit a hat!

Oh, and I will finish the sweater, soon. I only have a bit more knitting on the sleeves, and then the seaming and weaving ends in, and it's done. Yay!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah, and a sane and fun New Year. 

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